At Grassroots Hosting, your Knights of Columbus Council has two options.  Which one you choose could make a profound impact on your council for many years to come.

First, you can opt to build your own council site from the ground up. ¬†You can make a very simple site in a matter of minutes. ¬†However, a full featured site could take 100’s of hours of development time, and requires many different levels of expertise to design and maintain. ¬†

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We have made a few updates to our KofC Platform!

We have updated all council sites with the Supreme Council “Everyday Heroes” video series. You will find a section on the home page featuring episodes one and two. Additionally, we have added a whole new page to every council’s site featuring all nine episodes. You can see the link at the top of each page!

Finally, we have added a new email newsletter template. With this template you can quickly tell your council’s members about the “Everyday Heroes” videos, and encourage them to share them with others!

These videos are excellent recruitment and community outreach tools. You may even want to consider sharing one each month at a council meeting!

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We are pleased to announce the official launch of our council sponsorship system.  Many of you have asked for this and we have spent the past 3 months working to develop this for you.

The system is easy to use and only takes a few minutes to activate.

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Keeping your members informed is critical to the success of your council’s programs. ¬†You spend time creating content for your council newsletters, but do your council members get the newsletter? ¬†How about important announcements and other council communications.

Professional and reliable email communication¬†is an absolute must in the digital age. ¬†Ensuring your messages are delivered to your members’ inboxes every time is more complicated than you might think. ¬†Our new Enterprise Grade Email System helps with all of the following:

  • 99.9% Delivery to Inbox and not Spam Folder
  • Protects your personal email address from being blacklisted¬†for sending to large numbers of recipients
  • Track deliverability, bounces, opens and clicks
  • Ensure all members authorized to send messages have the same email list (no more trying to update your own list to find old, new, and updated members!)
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