Council Hosting Features

Our Council Hosting includes many great features. You can read about each in detail on this page.

Built on WordPress
WordPress is the most popular website platform used today. Powering more than 28% of the internet, WordPress is used more than any other content management system. Corporations large and small, such as CNN and the New York Times, depend on WordPress to power their online content.

Wordpress is a secure, stable, flexible and customizable platform. We have developed our own set of plugins and modifications designed to adapt WordPress into a powerful Council hosting platform.
Ready in 30 Minutes
Your council website will be automatically created immediately after your account is created, and you will receive setup instructions in your email within a few minutes. After logging in for the first time, you only need to complete a few simple steps to add your council information such as meeting times, council officers, and membership list. Additionally, you may want to upload your council bylaws and setup your Stripe account to accept online payments. It should take less than 30 minutes to complete if you have all your council information ready to go.
Council Information
Council & Assembly
After you update your council information from our secure dashboard, your changes will be reflected across your entire site within moments. If you change a contact phone number, meeting date, or even update your council's name, you do not have to change it in dozens of places.
Note, this only affects templated locations. If you type your council name or number directly into a news post, your post would not change.
Members' Area
Council & Assembly
Your council site includes a ready-to-go members only area. After you have imported your membership list from Supreme, your members will be able to login with their membership information. You do not have to set up each member individually. Our member import process uses a file you can obtain from the Supreme Officers Online system. When you import the file, members are added, removed, or updated based on the changes from Supreme.
The members area has the following great features:
  • Upload Council By-laws
  • Upload or Generate Meeting Minutes
  • Event Calendar Submissions
  • Insurance Agent Link
  • Membership List
  • Welcome Message
  • News Posts or Announcements (Flexible Custom Content Area)
Email System
Council & Assembly

Communication with your members is critical for success. Sending email directly from your personal address can be easily marked as spam and there is no way to track deliverability.

Our email system uses Enterprise level email servers with high reputation. This means emails are delivered and less likely to be marked as spam. Additionally, it protects your personal email address from being blacklisted for sending bulk messages. Using this system also ensures all authorized members are using the same membership list. No more worries about checking your personal email list for new, suspended, or updated members!

Also included is a a powerful automation system. You can send automatic birthday greetings, schedule a Christmas message, or meeting reminder. You can also send a message when ever a new set of minutes is published to the members area.

Finally, the council email system includes a professional design system which allows you to create and send professional emails with images and text. This ensures that every message sent to your members is professional, consistent and familiar, regardless of who sends them. You can control which members have access to the email system.

For more information on why you should use a professional email system and the email design system please visit our help FAQs.
Minutes Generator
Every Recorder knows how much time it can take to type and format meeting minutes. If you are not a word-processing professional this can be very time consuming. If you are not familiar with parliamentary procedure or Robert's Rules of Order, you may wonder how to properly record the minutes. Your council website includes a builtin Minutes Generator. Designed specifically for KofC meetings, you just fill in the information and the system will generate your minutes automatically. Still prefer to do all the work your self? No problem, just select the option to upload your minutes instead. After generating or uploading, your minutes will be available instantly.
Minutes are only accessible to your members when logged in.
Assemblies are only able to upload a PDF copy of their minutes.
Contact Forms
Your council website has a very powerful and flexible contact form system builtin. Your contact forms can be used to collect any information you wish, and are capable of collecting payments. Your site comes with "Contact Us", Membership Inquiry, Prayer Request, Awards Nomination, and Dues Payment forms already installed. These forms require no setup and are directed to appropriate email addresses based on your current officers.
Here are some ideas for other forms you may want to create:
  • Bursary Application
  • Volunteer Signup
  • Survey or Poll
Event Calendar
Council & Assembly
Every council website needs an event calendar. Your calendar can show any type of event you wish. Events can be free or admission required. With the built in payment system, you can collect payments for tickets and receive the funds directly into your council bank account. You can also require advance registration for free events, and cap the number of free spaces available. Before the event you can download a list of all tickets sold/reserved and use them for checkin or verification purposes.
Coming Soon: Soon you will be able to share events with our global calendar so other councils and members can browse all events in an area. Note: Payment processing requires a Stripe Payments Account.
Dues System
Council & Assembly
Your council site is ready to receive dues payments by credit card. All you have to do is open and connect your Stripe Payments account. After connecting your account and configuring your dues system, the Membership Dues Payment form will appear on your site. Members then fill in their information from their membership dues invoice and enter their credit card information. Once the payment is complete, both the member and the Financial Secretary receive a confirmation of the payment.

You can add a surcharge to recoup the payment processing fees, add additional optional fees and collect charitable contributions at the same time your members pay their dues.
Note: Payment processing requires a Stripe Payments Account.
Council & Assembly
Each council website has a special page dedicated to members of the council who have left this life. From the secure dashboard, you can add an obituary for each departed brother knight.
Council Only
Recognizing brother Knights who have demonstrated the principles of the Order is an important part of any Council. Every council site has special page for displaying your Knights of the Month/Year, and Family of the Month/Year.

Additionally, a built in form allows members and the public to submit nominations for the council's consideration.
Prayer Requests
Council & Assembly
Every page of your council website has "Prayer Request" button which allows members and the public to submit their personal intentions. You can then bring these intentions to each council meeting and offer them up for the Good of the Order.
Council Only

The Council Sponsorship System allows your council to generate revenue by selling ad space on your website. You can sell three different levels of ads:

  • Gold - Large ad space with ability to upload pdf documents, link to dedicated sponsor page, and logo displayed on homepage.
  • Silver - Medium Ad with full business details and dedicated sponsor page.
  • Bronze - Medium Ad with basic business details

Your council sets the price of each sponsorship level. Then you direct potential sponsors to the sponsorship page where they can register, submit their ad, and provide payment. We provide your sponsors with a sponsor console where they can see all the ads they have placed with your council and other councils on our platform. Sponsors can update their payment information, update their listing, and request cancellation at the end of the current year.

The sponsorship system uses Stripe Payments to process your sponsor payments and deposit the fee to your council bank account. Your council must open and connect a Stripe account to our platform before you can activate the sponsorship system.

Fees: Grassroots Hosting collects a 25% fee (includes standard Stripe Fees) on all sponsorships to fund the ongoing maintenance of the sponsorship system. Compare this to the 50% charged by the leading competitor.

Annual Fraternal Survey
Council Only (Assemblies - Coming Soon)

Members of your council can submit their annual fraternal survey results online. After each submission, your executive will be able to access the cumulative results from your dashboard.

Members can also submit their report on a monthly basis, making it easier on them to keep track of their participation.