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Our custom built council website system was designed and built by a Past Grand Knight with every council's needs in mind. Built on the Wordpress platform, our council sites are stable, secure, reliable, and packed with features specially designed for councils.

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Please visit our live demo council site. It is fully functional and ready for your review.
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Why our Platform?

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Plans and Pricing

Our KofC Hosting Platform is available in three different packages. We also offer a 30 Day Free Trial.
  • / yr
  • / yr
  • This plan includes a ready made Knights Site without a custom domain name for as long as your subscription is active.
  • Monthly Plans Available
  • Instant Setup
  • Easy Management
  • Collect Dues Online*
  • Event and Tickets System*
  • Private Members Area
  • Powerful Forms System
  • Automatic Daily Backups
  • Secure SSL Certificate**
  • Use our domain
  • Order Now
  • Most Popular
  • / yr
  • / yr
  • This plan also includes a free custom domain name or transfer and 2 email boxes.
  • Initiate Plan plus...
  • Free Custom Domain
  • 2 Free Email Boxes***
  • Yearly Plans Only
  • Order Now
  • 4th Degree
  • Complimentary
  • with Active Council Site
  • Every 4th Degree Assembly associated with a paying council on our platform is eligible for a no cost Assembly site!
  • See Features Grid Below
  • Free address
  • Custom Domain sold Separately
  • Order Now
*Dues and Ticket payment requires separate registration with our payments processor. Click here for more information.
**SSL certificate activation may take up to 5 days after registration/transfer of your custom domain. In the meantime you can use your domain for secure access.
***Free email is only available if you host your domain name with us. Transfer is included free. Email boxes may have multiple address associated with them. Basic email accounts have a 200mb limit. Upgraded email packages are available as a separate subscription.

All prices are based in USD. If you place your order in CAD, we reserve the right to adjust your renewal price based on changes in exchange rates. Your credit card will be billed in the currency you select.

Turn Key Council Site

Designed and developed by a Past Grand Knight, your ready out of the box site is designed specifically for Knights of Columbus Councils and Assemblies.

Council & Assembly
Your site is ready to go instantly. It takes less than 30 minutes to enter your council information and have a website for your council.
Council & Assembly
Update your council information from one page and see it changed across your site instantly.
Council & Assembly
The members' area lets you post minutes, finances, or other information for members only.*
Council - Full || Assembly - PDF only
You can upload your minutes in PDF, or use our built in generator to create your minutes for you!
The most used content management system in the world provides the backend to our system.
Council & Assembly
A powerful form system allows easy contact with your council, membership inquiries, and more. Create bursary applications and other custom forms too!
Council & Assembly
The event calendar can show all the details of your council events and lets you sell free or paid tickets.**
Council & Assembly
Built in dues collection system allows your members to pay with a credit card. **
Council & Assembly
Easily create a perpetual memorial for your council's deceased brothers.
Council & Assembly
Visitors can submit confidential prayer requests for your council to raise up at meetings.
Council Only
Generate revenue for your council by selling sponsorships to local businesses and display them on your council website.***
Council & Assembly
Our Enterprise grade email system allows you to send newsletters, minutes, birthday greetings and more to your members with confidence they will be deliver.
Council Only
Easily publish your Knight and Family of the month.
New - Council Only (Assembly Coming Soon)
Members can submit their Fraternal Activity Survey online. Your executive can see the most recent cumulative results by year.
New - Council & Assembly
Officers can post reports to the Members' Area.
Have questions about our service? Feel free to send us a message, and we will be happy to answer them for you.
*Members' area requires import of members' names, emails, and membership numbers.
**Payment services are provided by Stripe. A separate account will be required. Instructions for opening an account can be found in our help section.
***A Stripe account is required to activate the sponsorship system. Additional fees apply for use of this system.

Powerful Hosting

Our servers run on the most recent platforms and are updated daily.
All websites are secured with a free SSL Certificate to protect your confidential data.
QualysSSL Labs gave us an A.
Fast and Powerful
Built on cloud technology our servers are both fast and powerful.
They are also scalable to so we can increase resources during peak times.
Our system has multiple backup procedures.
Each site and server is backed up at least once every 24 hours.
Backups are stored in multiple locations for maximum redundancy.
Our servers are monitored 24/7 for uptime and security issues.
We are notified within 2 minutes of any decrease in availability.

Payment System

The ability to sell tickets and collect dues online greatly enhances any council's ability to serve their community.

Dues Payments

Your members can pay their annual membership dues quickly and easily online. They receive a receipt, and your Financial Secretary receives the payment notification.


You can sell tickets to dinners, breakfasts, carnivals, and any other event your council hosts. Guests receive a printable ticket and you receive a master list.


All payments received are batched together and deposited into your council bank account. All fees are deducted before the deposit is made.
Stripe is a secure online payments platform that is integrated into your council web platform. You will need to open a separate account with Stripe before you can accept payments online. Our dashboard will walk you through this process.


Processing Fees
Stripe charges $0.30+2.9% per transaction.
Grassroots Hosting collects an additional 0.1% on dues payments and 0.5% on ticket sales. These fees cover our costs in maintaining the security and functionality of the system.
Grassroots Hosting collects a fee equal to 25% for all Sponsorships sold. This includes the standard Stripe fees.
No Setup or Monthly Fees.
All fees are subject to change at any time.


Easy to Use
Add news items, create events, update your executive officers' information and much more with just a few simple steps.
Multiple Users
You control who has the ability to update, add, or edit content on your site. Designate as many members as editors or administrators as you wish.
Beautiful Design
The dashboard is a bright, vibrant, and intuitive system. It will help you do what you need to do quickly and efficiently.
Managed Template
Each site runs on our powerful template system. If we make a change, correction, or update, your site will automatically be updated.
Your dashboard includes a getting started guide and we have a comprehensive help guide available. You can access it from within the dashboard or directly!

Council Web Address

All council sites will receive a Knights.Church address (eg:
All assembly sites will receive a Patriotic.Degree address (eg:
Custom Domain
You can also upgrade your plan and add a custom council domain such as or transfer your existing domain name.
Receive a free .com, .net, domain with our Shield plan for the life of your package. Already have one, we will transfer it to us and renew it for free.

Free 30 Day Trial

Still not sure? Give our complete system a try for 30 days free. If you are not satisfied or ready to commit you do not need to do anything. Your credit card will not be charged unless you request an upgrade.

Fully Functional
Trial sites include one month of our Initiate plan. Custom domains are not available on trials.
Upgrade Anytime
Upgrade anytime during your free trial! Just log into our billing system and request the upgrade.
Don't need a trial?
Don't need a trial to decide? Order a Shield annual plan and receive a 15% discount for the life of your plan. Use discount code KCNOTRIAL during checkout.*
Activate your trial today. Setup is automated and only takes a few minutes.
Have questions about our service? Feel free to send us a message, and we will be happy to answer them for you.
Important Trial Information
  1. No credit card required.
  2. You must take action to upgrade your account to a paid plan or your council site will be suspended. To upgrade your account, please login to our Client Area and select your free hosting product. From there you can click the "Upgrade" button.
  3. If you do not upgrade your free trial before the end of 30 days, your account will be suspended and your site will go offline. You can still upgrade and reactivate your account from the Client Area. However, accounts suspended for more than 30 days may be permanently deleted. In this case you will need to place a new order, and your sites data will not be recoverable.
  4. Your credit card will be charged at the time of upgrade.
*15% signup discount applies to the base plan price. Any add-ons such as additional email users do not qualify. Must be a new client signup to qualify.

Coming Soon

We are always working to improve our Council Website system. Here is a preview of some new features we plan to introduce.

Have a suggestion for a new feature? We welcome your input.