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We are excited to announce the arrival 4th Degree Assembly Sites for the Knights of Columbus!

Any 4th Degree Assembly associated with a Council which has a current paid subscription to our KofC Hosting Platform is eligible for a free Assembly Website. Assembly sites have a fresh new design and include most of the same features as our Council sites. Every Assembly site comes with:

  • Design and Content Updates
  • Online Dues Payments
  • Contact Form System
  • Members’ Area
  • Event Management & Calendar
  • Minutes Archive
  • Member Email Newsletter System
  • Officer Reports
  • Prayer Requests
  • and more…

Is Free really Free?

Yes, all Assembly sites come with a base package that is 100% free of charge. Your no cost 4th Degree assembly website will include a web address on our patriotic.degree domain. For example, ff you assembly number is 12345, your address would be 12345.patriotic.degree.

Online Dues Payments, Event Ticket Payments, and custom contact forms with payments will incur normal Stripe processing fees.

Addon options such as a custom domain name and domain ID protection are available at our current prices. For a .com domain name with ID protection, current pricing is be US$18.99/year.

For more information or to request your assembly site visit the product page here.

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