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We have made a few updates to our KofC Platform!

We have updated all council sites with the Supreme Council “Everyday Heroes” video series. You will find a section on the home page featuring episodes one and two. Additionally, we have added a whole new page to every council’s site featuring all nine episodes. You can see the link at the top of each page!

Finally, we have added a new email newsletter template. With this template you can quickly tell your council’s members about the “Everyday Heroes” videos, and encourage them to share them with others!

These videos are excellent recruitment and community outreach tools. You may even want to consider sharing one each month at a council meeting!

Our update plan from now until the end of August does not include any significant additions or changes to the content of Council sites. However, we will be working hard on updating some of the underlying code to take advantage of the most recent releases of PHP (the scripting language we use to build your site), and new code standards in the underlying WordPress Core.

While these changes will mostly be transparent, they are part of our commitment to provide a stable and secure platform for every council. They will help us decrease page load times, and increase the number of councils we can support on each server. Additionally, they will prepare your site for some of the future updates and features we plan on implementing.

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