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Keeping your members informed is critical to the success of your council’s programs.  You spend time creating content for your council newsletters, but do your council members get the newsletter?  How about important announcements and other council communications.

Professional and reliable email communication is an absolute must in the digital age.  Ensuring your messages are delivered to your members’ inboxes every time is more complicated than you might think.  Our new Enterprise Grade Email System helps with all of the following:

  • 99.9% Delivery to Inbox and not Spam Folder
  • Protects your personal email address from being blacklisted for sending to large numbers of recipients
  • Track deliverability, bounces, opens and clicks
  • Ensure all members authorized to send messages have the same email list (no more trying to update your own list to find old, new, and updated members!)

Our email system uses enterprise grade email servers with high reputation to ensure near 100% success.  You can authorize as many members as you need to access the system.

Automated messages make communication easy. Prepare messages that will be sent automatically when certain conditions are met such as:

  • Birthday Greetings
  • New Minutes are published
  • Monthly Meeting alerts
  • Schedule Christmas Greetings

Finally, your email system uses a professional visual template which ensures every message you send looks professional and is consistent and familiar.  This makes it easier for your members to recognize legitimate council messages, and read them with ease.

For more information on our new email system please visit our support site.

Remember, you can try our KofC Hosting Platform for 30 days with no obligation.

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