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What we offer...

We offer a full array of web services from 100% D-I-Y, to fully managed. We will customize a package to meet your needs. Some of what we offer includes:

Full Development
No need to worry about code, web standards, or firewalls. We take care of all development and implementation.
We can take care of all major admin tasks, so you can focus on your content.
Managed Servers
We operate our own servers and take care of the management, updates, and security for you.
Direct Support
We offer direct support to all clients and their users. If you are having difficulty completing a task, just ask and we can show you how, or even complete it for you.
If you prefer a do-it-yourself approach, we can offer you a Linux or Windows server package with an advanced control panel. We still offer standard support, but you are responsible for all day to management.
Email Service
Is your email service mission critical? We offer multiple levels of email hosting on dedicated systems.

Products and Services

A complete ready to go web platform for KofC councils with online dues payments, events, news and members' only area.
Linux and Windows servers with advanced control panels allow for a cost effective hosting solution.
We offer three levels of dependable email service for your mission critical users. From a basic business email service up to G Suite by Google, we can ensure your important email is delivered to you.
Domain Names
Register, transfer, and renew domain names for your non-profit web presence. See our hosting pages for pricing information.

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